Let My Passive Trades Grow Your Online Business and Create Your Financial Freedom


What is My Passive Trades?

It's a passive revenue opportunity that provides members a great and sustainable platform to make money and create a passive income based on real, proven and transparent Forex and Crypto trading. It also provides members with traffic to their websites and businesses. Members can also earn great commissions through a unique affiliate system.


Integrity and Longevity 


We are all aware of so many scams and ponzies that appear online. Well, I did my research and it was easy to conclude that it was not one of them. The people behind this activity have experienced unprecedented success, having carried out online activities over the past three years. Their goal is to help all members without exception to make money. It doesn't matter if you are new or have several years of experience. The earning is the same for everyone.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps


You can start easily in the passive income business. With only 4 easy steps and a minimum deposit of $5 you can put yourself in a position to earn daily passive income 24/7 without lifting a finger. Daily 1% revenue on your active packs.

Real Passive Income

Many companies rely on Peter's withdrawal of money to pay Paul. In other words, they need new money from (Peter) so that older members (Paul) can get paid. This model works for a while, but when new members stop coming in and new fresh money decrease, there will be not enough money to pay members. This model will then collapse. MPT is not built that way. 

  • MPT has a real external income stream of Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.

  • It has a team of experienced traders in Forex and cryptocurrency to trade the market. 

  • This business model does not rely on new people joining to survive, it's self-sustainable as it relays on real trading income.

How Does it Work?

MPT is a very easy to understand program that can be summarized in a few steps

  1. Members purchase packs for $5/pack.

  2. The program pays daily (7 days a week) passive income of 1% and up to 1.25%

  3. Each pack matures when it reaches 125%, which is 25% net profit on each pack. So each $5 pack will mature (expire) when it earns a total of $6.25 in around 125 days.

  4. Members can repurchase (compound) their daily earnings into buying new packs to grow their accounts.

  5. Minimum withdrawal is $10 and NO maximum withdrawal limit.

  6. There are 2 levels of referral commissions 8% and 3%

  7. Deposit in Bitcoin or Perfect Money and withdraw in Bitcoin or Perfect Money.

  8. One of the best strategies to maximize your return is to compound your earnings to purchase new packs for a period of time before starting to withdraw.

  9. FREE Members can also earn from referrals commissions with 0 out of the pocket deposit


There is a calculator video in this blog I suggest you watch it. It will explain how to use the calculator sheet to estimate your potential earnings over a period of time.

Your Income Potential (Calculator)

Here is a calculator I set to help you demonstrate your earning potential based on your initial deposit and size of packs purchases.

You may also update it with new deposits and purchased and also add referral commissions if any.

The video below explains how to use the calculator.


The trading activity is totally transparent and each paying member has access to a live trading room where they can see the transactions made in real-time and the profit made. You are also free to use these signals and exchange these pairs alone and earn even more money.

You may use below login details to watch live trades by our Forex traders


Login: 204224
Investor password: UniBinaryTrade19
Sever_ binary.com
Platform Metatrader5

Advertising Credits

Advertising is perhaps one of the most vital needs of all companies and the MPT business has this element at its heart. At the same time, compliance with the regulations and laws of all countries is essential. This is a key element of our business model and each purchase of a package automatically generates credits on your account. These can be used to advertise any business activity requested by a member. Additional credits can also be generated by consulting ads published by other members.

How to Compound / Repurchase

In this video, I show how to compound your daily earnings to repurchase new AdPacks. Compounding is key to grow your account over time by increasing your active AdPacks. The more active AdPacks, the more daily earnings. With MPT there is no limit on how many AdPacks you can have in your account. The sky is the limit !!

Save Your Time


As you can see, you have absolutely no need to waste time earning a daily income. You don't need to work. You should check your

account every day to confirm your earnings for the day and make any purchases you want with those earnings. Revenue is credited to your wallet by 5:30 p.m. EST every day. This takes less than a minute of your time. Promote this opportunity (OPTIONAL)

I think once you see how rewarding and easy it is, you may want to share this opportunity with some people (you know and are interested in). Companies reward you for this by giving you a commission of 8% at level 1 and 3% at level 2. I will explain more about this when we connect.

Proof of Trading


In this video, I show trading prove session held by the CEO and the professional traders running the Forex and Crypto trading. I also show proof of payouts and earnings withdrawals.

Proof of Withdrawals


I make withdrawals of my earnings whenever I like to.  Minimum withdrawal is $10 and there is no maximum limit, which means there is no limit of growth with My Passive Trades, the sky is the limit. Withdrawals are processed daily and hit your wallet in less than 24 hours.

This video shows I made lots of withdrawals and they all received fast.

Buy Bitcoin by Credit Card


In this video I explain how to buy Bitcoin using a credit card very easily. Cex is a trusted and legit exchange where they offer Bitcoin wallets and a way to buy Bitcoins directly by credit cards. I use this exchange all the time to buy Bitcoin.


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